EU steps up actions to stop the decline of pollinators

On 1 June 2018 the European Commission adopted the first-ever EU initiative to address the decline of wild pollinating insects. Around one in ten bee and butterfly species is on the verge of extinction in the EU, and a third of them have a declining population trend. Regional and local declines have been also recorded for other pollinator taxa.

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The Netherlands adopts national Pollinator Strategy

Last January, the Netherlands introduced a national  Pollinator Strategy, which entails the protection of all pollinators and especially the many species of wild bees in the country. The goal of this agreement, signed by 43 parties, is to ensure the future existence of all pollinator-species now present in the Netherlands.

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Fruitful thematic session on Agricultural Innovations in Estonia

On 12 June, his Majesty, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands made a state visit to the Republic of Estonia, by invitation of the Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid. At the same time, a trade programme took place to strengthen economic ties. Estonia has great expertise and experience in the field of digitization, and one of the programmes tackled the theme of digital innovation in agriculture. The minister of agriculture, nature and food quality of the Netherlands, Carola Schouten, was present for this occasion. On the 13th of June she signed a Memorandum of Understanding about structural bilateral cooperation between governments in the field of digital innovation and a sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture.

Minister Carola Schouten (NL) and minister Tarmo Tamm (ES) sign the Declaration of Understanding. Behind them are the King of the Netherlands and the Estonian prime minister.

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First World Bee Day celebrated in Slovenia

The originally ‘plain’ 20th of May has from this year onwards turned into a special day, on which awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators for humankind is spread around the world. On 20 December last year, the United Nations General Assembly in New York unanimously adopted the decision to proclaim 20 May World Bee Day. Initiator of this memorable development is the Slovenian Beekeeping Association. The proclamation of an annual World Bee Day is a diplomatic success for Slovenia, according to the Slovenian minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Dejan Židan.

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Video: The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Ireland is famous for their quality food, wildlife and beautiful landscape, but this would not be the case without bees. As a matter of fact, insect pollination is important for tourism, the economy, the environment and the health of the Irish. The country has 99 different bee-species. But many are in trouble. Nowadays a third of the bee population of Ireland is threatened with extinction! Therefore the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan was brought to life in 2015. And everyone can help!

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