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Promote Pollinators at COP 15

Dec 20, 2022 | Events

On December 9th it was the first time, after three long years, that the members of Promote Pollinators met in person, during a members meeting within the framework of the COP 15 in Montreal, Canada. In collaboration with FAO, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and GIZ, Promote Pollinators also organized a side event about Pollinator Protection. This article summarizes the main points on the agenda. 

Members meeting

New member: Hungary

On the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, Hungary decided to join Promote Pollinators by signing the Declaration of the Willing on Pollinators. Members extended a warm welcome to Hungary. Would you like to know more about Hungary’s strategy and activities? View their country page.

Presidency: Mexico

As stated in our internal agreements, Promote Pollinators has a rotating presidency. On behalf of the current chair, Astrid Hilgers shared that the Netherlands is in talks with Mexico as a possible potential successor. This underlines once again that Promote Pollinators is (not a Dutch or EU enterprise, but) a global initiative.

Update: Mexico’s strategy

Sol Ortiz Garcia (Director General of Prospecting and Climate Change Policies) gave an update on the current state of affairs regarding the Mexican pollinator strategy. Want to know more about Thematic Axes and strategic lines? Read the country page of Mexico.

Update: the Nigerian strategy

This year, Promote Pollinators and Naturalis Biodiversity Center organized Theory of Change (Toc) workshops to support the development of national pollinator strategies. In the members meeting, the Nigerian participants shared their experiences and explained the fundaments of their strategy. Want to know more about their experiences? Check the article about the ToC workshops.

Urban greening plans

During the members meeting, Adam Vanbergen (Researcher INRAE ​​Dijon) presentated the conclusions of the workshop ‘Urban greening for pollinators: from policy to practice’. This workshop on pollinators in the urban context was organized by Safeguard on December 8th, in cooperation with Eurocities and ICLEI. Urban greening is essential for climate resilience, biodiversity and the well-being of city dwellers. During this workshop on December 8th, participants discussed how to integrate pollinator conservation objectives into urban greening plans. Want to learn more? Please check the report on the workshop on Safeguards’ website.

Side event on December 10th

On December 10th, we were part of the side event about Pollinator Protection facilitated by FAO. The side event provided an overview of pollinator-related projects and initiatives that support the implementation of the International Pollinator Initiative. On this stage, Koos Biesmeijer (Scientific Director of Naturalis Biodiversity Center) told about the Theory of Change in the Netherlands and its application in the ToC workshops of Promote Pollinators.

Subsequently, Sílvia Castro (FLOWer Lab, Centre for Functional Ecology – Science for People & the Planet | Department of Life Sciences – University of Coimbra) presented the ToC of Portugal. The possibility to participate in this workshop was a great opportunity for them to share experiences and knowledge with an interdisciplinary team and with the guidance of international experts from Promote Pollinators Alliance and the Naturalis Museum. Curious about the ToC workshops in Portugal? Click here to watch the video presentation of Sílvia Castro.