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Swedish Kalmar County Takes Action to Protect Pollinators

Oct 5, 2020 | Sweden

In 2020, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has made € 1,5 million available to municipalities, local authorities and non-profit organisations for projects promoting wild pollinators. An additional € 1,1 million is directed to regional authorities to boost already existing species-specific actions in seven targeted areas where highly threatened solitary bees still maintain important populations. These actions will in turn benefit a broader community of wild pollinators species in these areas.

Projects in Kalmar County

Elin Boberg is responsible for the protection and promotion of pollinators in Kalmar County. “Each county has its own interpretation of the assignment given by the government to protect pollinators,” Elin explains. “We are focusing on spreading information, and making people aware of how they can contribute to the protection of pollinators. For example, we hosted a course on bees for members of the administrative board, so they can learn how to consider bees, for example when they are planning gravel pits. We are also working on four short films (available in Swedish only) to show landowners what they can do, and we have organised seminars with church caretakers (pdf, available in Swedish only) to teach them how to turn the lawns in their graveyards into flowering meadows.” 

Highly threatened species are the focus of a special project called VIP. Elin: “We are using our budget to work together with big landowners like golf courses and electricity companies and take action to protect pollinators on their land. For example, we are creating clearings where pollinators can nest in sandy soil. Other species also benefit from these new habitats.”


Although the project only started in May, Elin notices that every bit of information shared leads to a huge response from the public. “People know what we are talking about, they understand the issue,” she says. “And that’s important, because everyone can make a difference, even if you just have a balcony.”