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Recent publications (April 2022)

Apr 21, 2022 | Research

There’s a lot of research being done on pollinators and pollinator protection. Every two months, we ask a panel of experts to make a selection of articles and papers that may be interesting to you. If you have interesting papers you would like to highlight please let us know! 

Pollinator declines are a threat to global food systems

Pollinators and pollinated crops play an important role in global food systems, and a loss of pollination services poses a significant risk to economies. In an article in People and Nature, James T. Murphy et al. explore which countries are most affected by a loss of pollination services. They argue that richer countries need to invest in pollinator conservation beyond their own borders to maintain resilient food systems.  

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Effects of public land management on pollinators 

How does management of public lands influence pollinator conservation? Will Glenny, Justin B. Runyon and Laura A. Burkle reviewed 63 studies to determine the effects of actions such as prescribed burning, grazing and invasives species removal. The authors believe improving our understanding of the effects of public land management on pollinators is essential to conserve ecosystem health and services.  

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Conservation and management of pollination services in Latin America 

Leonardo Galetto et al. reviewed the conservation status of pollinators and pollination in Latin America. The continent is a biodiversity hot spot, with the highest bee diversity worldwide. The authors make specific recommendations to conserve native pollinators and improve pollination services, for example regarding diversified crop production and ways to minimise the exposure of pollinators to insecticides and herbicides.  

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