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Promote Pollinators organises workshops to support development of national pollinator strategies

Feb 10, 2022 | Countries

To support our members in developing their pollinator strategies, Promote Pollinators will be organising a series of workshops based on the Theory of Change (TOC) methodology. Three member countries Costa Rica, Portugal and Nigeria – will be participating in the first series of workshops. The main steps that will be followed in the workshops are: formulating an impact statement, identifying negative and positive factors, identifying stakeholders involved and the design of the TOC. 

Theory of Change 

The workshops will be organised in collaboration with Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, which has extensive experience with the TOC methodology. A TOC is a methodology to create insight and overview on how changes can effectively be induced. It is a way to map how our strategies (what we do) can be developed in such a way that they result in the desired outcomes (behavior), eventually leading to the desired impact (in our case better protection of pollinators and pollination). In other words, it shows pathways we can follow to realize our goals. 

Read more about the method we will use in the workshops.


We aim to share the results of the workshops at a side event at the COP CBD in Kunming.  

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