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Hungary joins Promote Pollinators

Jun 21, 2022 | Countries, Hungary

We are happy to announce that Hungary recently joined our coalition. Hungary signed the declaration in May 2022. In doing this, Hungary commits to having a special focus on the protection of pollinating species in its national biodiversity strategy for 2030.

Hungary considers the protection of pollinators highly important, as these insects provide an essential ecosystem service that is also crucial for human life and wellbeing. While it is critical for the continued functioning of natural ecosystems, pollination has a fundamental role in agricultural production, so its importance for food security is unquestionable for Hungary. Given the increasing focus on the values and protection of pollinators, Hungary has decided to join the Coalition of the Willing on Pollinators to demonstrate a strong commitment to foster actions for the benefit of pollinators.

National story

You can read more about Hungary’s reasons for deciding to join Promote Pollinators and their plans for the future in their national story.


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