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Feb 9, 2022 | Events

On February 23rd and 24th, FAO will host a Global seminar on strengthening regulations to protect pollinators from pesticides. The seminar is predominantly aimed at pesticide regulators, policy makers, scientists working on risk assessments of the effects of pesticides on pollinators and experts from international platforms addressing pollinators and pesticides. Keynote speakers at the seminar include Simon Potts, Parthiba Basu and Barbara Herren.  

Protecting pollinators through legislation

The global seminar will: 

  • Summarize the state of knowledge about the risks of pesticides to pollinators 
  • Existing legislation protecting pollinators from pesticides 
  • Enabling dialogue among policy makers and regulators on best practices and pollinator protection policies as they relate to pesticides 
  • Identify options to strengthen legislation to protect pollinators from pesticides, with a particular focus on low and middle income countries.   

During the breaks and after the seminar there will be an opportunity to informally talk to other attendees of the seminar or join a thematic discussion.  

For the plenary sessions interpretation will be available in French and Spanish. Parallel sessions will be held in English only.  

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