Developing a national strategy

As a member to Promote Pollinators, you commit to creating a national strategy to protect pollinating species. The main ambitions are to improve current conditions for pollinators and maintain pollination, to transform agricultural landscapes and to transform society’s relationship with nature.


To stop and reverse the decline of pollinators, countries can for example:

  • apply ecological intensification, which is an agricultural process making maximum use of ecological processes
  • promote sustainable agricultural practices, such as organic farming
  • improve control and management of pollinators and hygiene to reduce risks from pests, pathogens and invasive alien species
  • reward farmers or land managers for pollinator-friendly practices
  • restore natural habitats, also in urban areas, and plant flower strips
  • invest in ecological infrastructure to eliminate habitat destruction and fragmentation
  • apply better regulation of trade and use of managed bees
  • improve landscape-scale habitat diversity, reverse simplification of agricultural landscapes and strengthen diversified farming systems. Potential agricultural management methods include: crop rotation including flowering crops, intercropping, control of invasive species and agroforestry
  • improve governance for more effective implementation of actions