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Video: the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Jul 7, 2018 | Countries, Ireland

Ireland is famous for their quality food, wildlife and beautiful landscape, but this would not be the case without bees. As a matter of fact, insect pollination is important for tourism, the economy, the environment and the health of the Irish. The country has 99 different bee-species. But many are in trouble. Nowadays a third of the bee population of Ireland is threatened with extinction! Therefore the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan was brought to life in 2015. And everyone can help!

The National Biodiversity Data Centre and several partners in the field have bonded in this initiative, and collected 81 interventions which positively affect the chances of survival of the Irish bees. The aim is to create a network of pollinator-friendly environments, where they can find food and shelter. Watch the video for some concrete interventions which uphold this goal.

At www.pollinators.ie you may find a series of guidelines, resources and tips explaining how you can help.