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Join the first consultation for the planned international stewardship for pollinator protecting agriculture

Feb 3, 2020 | Events, Research

Pollinators are under heavy stress, in particular in agricultural lands. Farmers can take several measures which significantly contribute to pollinator protection, but little is known about how consumers can encourage and support farmers in such good practices. Joint efforts of farmers, trade and consumers are needed more than ever. Therefore, ICARDA develops an international stewardship to be registered by the reputed international sealing organization ISEAL in London. 

ISEAL recommends two consultation rounds with many different stakeholders before the standard can be registered. The first consultation round has started, and is open until the 15th of February 2020. We strongly encourage you to participate! 

Your comments and suggestions will be documented, the standard will be enhanced and afterwards, we will send it once more to around 60 key stakeholders for a second consultation. Then the once more revised draft standard will be sent to ISEAL for acknowledgement and registration.

After acceptance of the standard, the stewardship can be made operable, the council can be established, certifiers can be trained, and the standard can be communicated to farmers, trading companies and consumers and a certified trade chain can be established, so you can be sure that fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, oil seeds or stimulants with the label WPP (We Protect Pollinators) definitely will have been produced in a pollinator friendly way.

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