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European Commission launches Pollinator Park, a dystopian virtual reality experience

Apr 2, 2021 | European Union

What would the world look like without pollinating insects? This week, the European Commission launched a virtual reality experience called Pollinator Park. Set in 2050 and following a series of ecological disasters, Pollinator Park gives visitors an impression of what the world may look like if we don’t protect pollinators. In the game, the only pollinators left on the planet live within the protective domes of Pollinator Park.

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Raising awareness

Pollinator Park was designed by self-proclaimed archibiotect Vincent Callebaut, in collaboration with the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Visitors can walk around Pollinator Park from the comfort of their own home, using their computer screen or a virtual reality headset. The experience aims to create awareness about pollinators, and involve the public in the protection of pollinating insects. The user can explore Pollinator Park at their own pace, stopping at various stations to listen to additional information.

Green Deal

With the adoption of the Green Deal, the European Commission has already been working on maintaining biodiversity and thereby protecting pollinators. However, it is clear that more broad efforts are necessary to turn around the ongoing decline of pollinators. Pollinator Park is part of these efforts, and countries are encouraged to use the experience in their own campaigns regarding pollinator loss and protection.  

Visit Pollinator Park.